May 27th, 2020 Support
Protecting People and Assets

Himawari-8 Ground Station from EEC

High performance, turn-key ground station for weather forecasting and research

Are you ready for Himawari-8?

Himawari-8 dissemination ushers in a new era of Mesoscale Meteorology with more channels and more frequent observations. The eTelecast Himawari-8 ground station from EEC has the required new hardware and updated software for you to maximize the potential of Himawari-8 data products.


  • Higher Spatial Resolution
  • More Frequent Observations
  • More Spectral Bands (16 Bands / Color Image)


Continuity of operations is crucial.

  • Channels VIS, IR1-4 - Complete earth disks in all channels
  • Cloud-top pressure
  • Cloud-top height
  • Cloud-top temperature
  • Cloud type
  • Cloud amount
  • Sea-surface temperature
  • Land-surface temperature
  • Fire points


Proteus software will be continually improved to make use of the new capabilities of Himawari-8.

  • Greater Resolution
    Visible channel 0.5km, IR channels: 2km
  • Rapid Update Storm Monitoring
    A new image every 10 minutes - greatly improving monitoring of position and motion of typhoons and storm fronts
  • Improved Cloud Analysis
    RGB channels improves cloud type determination Higher resolution differentiates cloud types
  • Higher Precipitation Accuracy
  • Quicker And More Accurate Volcanic Ash Detection
  • Improved Dust Observations
    MODIS algorithms applied to improve detection and tracking